02/06/2012, 10:43

World Under-21 champion Maciej Janowski steps up his bid to retain the title against huge rivals Przemyslaw and Piotr Pawlicki in the semi-final at Chevonograd this afternoon.

The Polish shooting stars must finish in the top seven to qualify for the seven-round final series, which concludes with two meetings at Argentine track Bahia Blanca in November.

With the competition going beyond the confines of Europe this season, the stakes have never been higher.

Zielona Gora’s Ukrainian star Aleksandr Loktaev will fancy his chances of reaching the last 14 for the second year running, while Czech racer Vaclav Milik and Danish rider Mikkel Michelsen should be in contention for qualification.

Somerset and Dudley rider Tom Perry has made the mammoth trip to fly the flag for Great Britain.

Meanwhile, FIM Dansk Metal Danish SGP wild card Michael Jepsen Jensen and Polish sensation Patryk Dudek start as favourites to win the semi-final at Italian Grand Prix venue Terenzano this evening.

Last year’s Copenhagen No.16 Mikkel B Jensen is also chasing a return to the World Under-21 Final, along with Gorzow’s pocket rocket Bartosz Zmarzlik. Leszno racer Tobiasz Musielak should also be one of the frontrunners for qualification.

British stars Richie Worrall and Kyle Newman will be desperate to become the first UK riders to reach the competition’s final since Tai Woffinden finished fourth in the last-ever one-off World Under-21 decider at Gorican in 2009. Steven Worrall is one of the qualified reserves for the meeting.

CHEVONOGRAD LINE-UP: 1. Vaclav Milik, 2. Viktor Kulakov, 3. Mikkel Michelsen, 4. Vitaly Belousov, 5. Jan Holub, 6. Thomas Jorgensen, 7. Tom Perry, 8. Maciej Janowski, 9. Niklas Porsing, 10. Kiril Cukanov, 11. Aleksandr Loktaev, 12. Piotr Pawlicki, 13. Damian Adamczak, 14. Pontus Aspgren, 15. Andrzej Lebiediev, 16. Przemyslaw Pawlicki, 17. Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, 18. Marcel Helfer.

TERENZANO LINE-UP: 1. Mathias Thornblom, 2. Sam Masters, 3. Matic Ivacic, 4. Marc Randrup, 5. Michele Paco Castagna, 6. David Bellego, 7. Mikkel Bech Jensen, 8. Tobiasz Musielak, 9. Alex Davies, 10. Bartosz Zmarzlik, 11. Kyle Newman, 12. Michael Jepsen Jensen, 13. Patryk Dudek, 14. Dino Kovacic, 15. Dakota North, 16. Ritchie Worrall, 17. Michell Hofmann, 18. Steven Worrall.

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