02/06/2012, 11:09

Gothenburg finalist Thomas H Jonasson launches his bid to become a full-time Grand Prix star in today’s SGP qualification quarter final at Austrian circuit St. Johann.

A place in the top nine in the 16-rider meeting would be enough to earn THJ a spot in one of three semi-finals at Divisov in the Czech Republic, former Italian SGP venue Lonigo or Nordic Grand Prix circuit Vojens on June 30.

Balkan duo Matej Zagar and Jurica Pavlic are also searching for semi spots, although Pavlic could still bag a place in the GP Challenge even if he fails to make it through.

With the meeting being staged at Gorican on September 29, the Croatian federation is guaranteed one wild card pick if none of their riders make it there. And given that Pavlic is the nation’s clear No.1 and his family owns the track, he would be the hot favourite to get the nod.

Danish hotshot Leon Madsen is also gunning for qualification in Austria along with Team Great Britain international Ben Barker, Polish racer Adrian Miedzinski, German star Martin Smolinski and Finland’s Joonas Kylmakorpi.

The last four SGP qualifiers at Tarnow, Miskolc, Berwick and Gustrow take place on June 16.

ST. JOHANN LINE-UP: 1. Joonas Kylmakorpi, 2. Matej Zagar, 3. Lukas Simon, 4. Martin Smolinski, 5. Thomas H. Jonasson, 6. Jurica Pavlic, 7. Tomas Suchanek, 8. Daniel Gappmaier, 9. Leon Madsen, 10. Simon Gustafsson, 11. Ben Barker, 12. Renato Cvetko, 13. Martin Gavenda, 14. Adrian Miedzinski, 15. Maks Gregoric, 16. Patrick Hougaard, 17. Oskar Fajfer, 18. Johannes Fiala.

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