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Chris Holder can't recall riding a better lap after going from last to first in the final circuit of heat 15 to snatch Poole victory.

14 / 06 / 2012, 12:07

Grand Prix star Chris Holder struggled to recall riding a better lap of speedway after going from last to first in the final circuit of heat 15 to extend Poole’s club-record winning run to 16 matches last night.

The Pirates were a mammoth 31-17 down after eight races as King’s Lynn out-gated and outclassed the Elite League leaders.

But an 8-1 from Holder and Swedish star Dennis Andersson breathed new life into the Dorset side and they were just 44-43 in arrears going into the nominated race.

Australian sensation Darcy Ward hit the front for Poole, but World Under-21 champion Maciej Janowski and the in-form Niels-Kristian Iversen did everything they could to block Holder’s path.

That was until the Stars went too tight to the kerb going into lap four, turn one and Holder opened the throttle to produce a lap few at Wimborne Road will ever forget.

He took off around Iversen on turn one before his obscene momentum carried him past Janowski going into bend three and then around a jubilant Ward, who did his best to slow the race, on the run to the line.

The Wimborne Road grandstand exploded into ecstasy to celebrate a 48-45 win.

It was a pretty cool last lap. I was the last guy over the line at the end of lap three – I knew I had to do something and go pretty big.

Chris Holder

Asked if he had ever ridden a better lap of speedway, Holder admitted: “Probably not. It was a pretty cool last lap. I was the last guy over the line at the end of lap three – I knew I had to do something and go pretty big. To be honest, I didn’t think it was going to work, but it did and I was stoked with it.

“It was a pretty special last race, I guess. Darcy made a really good start, he was in front, but we needed a 4-2 at least to get the win.

“He spent more time looking back than looking where he was going. That was cool because it kept the King’s Lynn boys guessing. They didn’t know where to go.

“I knew where I had to go, but I couldn’t get there. I kept getting blocked and then it opened up on the last lap. I didn’t realise I was going to get past both of them. When I went in there, I had a lot of grip and thought ‘sweet, I’ve got one.’

“Coming on to the straight I thought ‘I could probably get both here’. I managed to get past Janowski on the back straight and it was perfect.”

Holder and Ward carrying Poole has become a weekly event this season. They bagged 29 of their team’s 48 points.

Pirates are currently seeking a replacement for Polish star Adrian Miedzinski, who has opted against extending his short-term deal. They can sign a rider up to an 8.47 average, but it is reported that Krzysztof Kasprzak, Antonio Lindback, Leon Madsen, Magnus Zetterstrom, Przemyslaw Pawlicki and Rune Holta have all rejected overtures from Poole.

Holder admits the Turbo Twins need some strong back-up if they are to avoid having to get Pirates out of jail week after week.

He said: “We can do it all the time and we were thinking ‘when is it going to end? We can just keep getting through the season like this.’ We need a good replacement for Adrian, which is not really easy to come by.

“There are not really many options available for us, so I really don’t know who we can get. It’s Matt’s call – he is the one who has to do the deal. He wants a good rider too and we have a chance to get one. We’ll be trying our best.”

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