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British racer Chris Harris has revealed a huge weight was lifted off his mind in Malilla on Saturday following a recent heart scare.

11 / 09 / 2012, 15:30

British racer Chris Harris has revealed a huge weight was lifted off his mind in Malilla on Saturday after receiving good news following tests on a recent heart scare.

Bomber was taken to hospital for checks after being left concussed in a crash at Wolverhampton on August 13, when doctors discovered the Cornishman had an irregular heartbeat.

Having lost his father Cedric to a heart attack in 1998, Harris was ordered to undergo an MRI scan to check for any underlying problems.

The rider, who scored five points in the FIM Scandinavian SGP on Saturday, admits it has been a stressful time as he waited for the results.

And, after a turbulent year on and off the track, Harris breathed a sigh of relief as he got the all-clear.

It was just an irregular heartbeat. It happens to people, but you don’t know you’ve got it.

Chris Harris

He said: “The year started off badly with family problems. My Mum lost her partner in February and we’ve had all that to deal with.

“When I crashed at Wolverhampton the other week, I had a concussion, went to the hospital and sorted that out. But then they thought I had a problem with my heart not beating properly, so we had that too.

“That has been playing on my mind and it has been a worry. But funnily enough, I had the all-clear on Saturday, so the old ticker is fine.

“Given the family history I’ve got with my Dad passing away, they were worried because it wasn’t beating properly when they put me on the monitor.

“It was just an irregular heartbeat. It happens to people, but you don’t know you’ve got it.

“I was in the tunnel (for an MRI scan) and had a day in hospital doing that. I’ve had a lot of tests and it’s a good job it has come back clear. I’ve been trying to blank it out, but it does play on your mind, especially when you are waiting for results. I’ve been waiting for the results for the past few weeks. It was nice to get that all-clear before the meeting.”

Bomber is currently 11th in the World Championship on 57 points – putting him 35 adrift of the top eight and almost certainly out of the running for an automatic qualification spot.

He admits he just didn’t have the speed required on the fast G&B Arena circuit last Saturday.

He said: “I didn’t feel fast really all night. I know a lot of people said they were struggling, but I didn’t feel very fast or comfortable on the bike. I wasn’t making good enough starts and, in this competition, you cannot allow that.

“I battled for the five points I got. It was definitely a hard track to defend on. Everybody had to have eyes in the back of their heads.

“But I’ll keep battling. I want to be in this competition. I might not have won any races on Saturday. But I was in there battling and showing I want to be in it still.”

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