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Nicki Pedersen may face time on the sidelines ahead of the ANLAS Czech SGP as he prepares to undergo X-rays on his broken hand on Monday.

13 / 05 / 2018, 16:21

Triple world champion Nicki Pedersen could face a spell on the sidelines ahead of the ANLAS Czech SGP as he prepares to undergo X-rays on his broken hand on Monday after his Warsaw fall on Saturday.

The Danish racer tumbled in his fourth outing after hitting a rut on bend two, lifting dramatically and crashing just beyond the air fence.

Pedersen has only just returned from 11 months on the sidelines with a broken neck vertebra, but insists the spill just left the old injury sore, with his brace taking the brunt of the impact.

I’m having an X-ray on the hand again. Then we’ll see if anything further has happened and take a decision on the plan from there.

Nicki Pedersen

There are greater concerns for his right hand, though, after the Odense-born ace competed with a broken pisiform bone – located between the palm and the wrist. He suffered the injury at Gorzow on April 29, but still scored 15 paid 16 in a PGE Ekstraliga meeting in Tarnow a week later.

Pedersen admits a Warsaw track with far more drive took it out of him, though – not to mention a heavy fall.

Asked whether he expected to take a break from the shale before the next round in Prague on May 26, he replied: “It looks that way.”

Pedersen added: “I’m having an X-ray on the hand again. Then we’ll see if anything further has happened and take a decision on the plan from there.

“The neck is sore, but there is nothing wrong. It’s just stiff. The neck brace took the damage again. I smacked straight down on my head again and they thought the straps in the helmet were damaged.

“When I crashed, I landed on the hand. It’s swollen and I have problems closing a couple of my fingers. My landing didn’t help it at all. Now we need to focus on and think about what to do next.

"The track in Warsaw wasn’t ideal if you’ve got 60 or 70 percent strength in the body. Tarnow the Sunday before was as smooth as a carpet. It was easy to ride. In Warsaw, you needed some more strength.”

Pedersen was gutted he couldn’t continue what has been a lightening start to the season for Tarnow in Poland as he competes with World Championship leader Freddie Lindgren for top spot in the PGE Ekstraliga averages.

He said: “You saw Lindgren, he has been flying in the leagues and he also went well in Warsaw. But it isn’t ideal to come into the Grand Prix with an injury like this. The league is the league and the Grand Prix is the Grand Prix.”

Pedersen says some engine issues didn’t help matters. He added: “We had problems with my best engine in the first couple of heats, so we swapped it. But then we never got into the momentum of the meeting as we should have.

“I jumped on the second and third one and we never got back into the meeting. We had the wrong setup and couldn’t get through the bumps. The bike was taking off.

“When I crashed, it wasn’t that I couldn’t hold it; the bike took off. It lifted me and there wasn’t anything I could do.

“I just need to get that engine going and get back into it. I’m not worried. We know what went wrong and we’ll fight back.”


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