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Triple world champion admits he was “shocked and surprised” to get thrown out of Leszno’s Polish Ekstraliga meeting at Torun.

10 / 08 / 2015, 12:33

Triple world champion admits he was “shocked and surprised” to get thrown out of Leszno’s Polish Ekstraliga meeting at Torun after his coming together with Jason Doyle.

Pedersen powered under the Aussie going into turn three and Doyle crashed hard. The Bulls top gun then straightened up and his speed meant he also collected Pawel Przedpelski.

The Dane says he found out he had been red-card before he even reached his pit bay, where he was then involved in an altercation with Torun team manager Jacek Gajewski.

Pedersen says the Pole broke the rules by crossing the yellow lines separating rival teams’ pit areas and accused him of being verbally abusive, before the 38-year-old swung his helmet and kicked out at him.

I disagree when the referee excluded me, though, and of course I was even more surprised and shocked he gave me the red card.

Nicki Pedersen

Gajewski denies encroaching into the Leszno pit area, but admits he confronted Pedersen for putting his riders at risk.

While Pedersen’s reaction to Gajewski would have been enough to prompt a red card, the Dane was baffled that he was thrown out of both race and meeting for the on-track incident and says the Polish authorities should stick to their pledge to clamp down on “acting” in the Ekstraliga.

The Odense-born man said: “Doyle tried to make a smart move because I was faster than him. He tried to lean it on me towards the end of the straight. We weren’t even turning at that point.

“I don’t have a problem with Doyley at all and Doyley doesn’t have a problem with me. We flew to Sweden together this morning and I went to him after the crash to ask if he was okay when he was still led under the air fence.

“I disagree when the referee excluded me, though, and of course I was even more surprised and shocked he gave me the red card. I’m wondering what’s going to happen with red cards for other riders.

“If anything, it should have been a red card for acting. They actually had a talk with all the riders the week before in Leszno. The referee took us in and said, ‘if anyone just jumps off the bike on purpose to make out that someone took him off, he’ll get a red card and he’ll be excluded.’

“They’re tired of people coming off the bike for no reason all the time. They want to have racing and close contact, but they don’t want people jumping off the bike for no reason.

“I think it was quite cool of the PZM to say that. But obviously this referee messed it up a little bit and got it the wrong way around.”

Pedersen insists he straightened up to avoid the impact with Doyle. He said: “I tried to turn to the left, but there was only so far I could go when I was coming in that fast.

“I was that close to the white line and my bike straightened up and hit the guy in front. I could hardly turn because the white line was there. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Pedersen is suspended for Leszno’s home clash with Zielona Gora on Friday as a result of the red card. He feels Gajewski should also be punished for his part in the ugly scenes in the pits, accusing the Torun boss of illegally crossing the yellow lines marking the away team's pit area.

He said: “Coming towards the pits we have these yellow lines, which I think is a bit stupid, but I respected them. I can see their point now. This trainer from Torun approached me, and it’s not the first time he has done it to me. He has done it two or three times before.

“He was standing right in the pit bay, looking very arrogant. He was spitting at me and saying some really bad words – some really awful Polish words and also one in English.

“I’d just been told I’d had a red card that I felt was unfair and completely insane. Then he was stood there at my bay and wouldn’t even give me one minute or speak to me later. I pushed him out of my bay because I just wanted to go away and think about what had actually happened.

“I shouldn’t have been put in that situation. I was not angry at anybody – not even at Doyley. I was more shocked than anything. I know this kind of thing happens with racing and referees, and sometimes they’re a little quick on the button with who’s going to get excluded.

“For the Torun manager to stand there was planned – he was meant to stand there and wind me up. Things like that should not happen and that’s why the lines are there. I’m pretty sure something will happen to him too, otherwise there is no reason for the yellow lines.”

Speaking to, Gajewski denies entering the Leszno pits, but admitted he was far from happy with a move he felt could have ended Doyle or Przedpelski’s season.

He said: “I did not walk into Nicki’s zone. He tried to hit me with his helmet, which he dropped. People stood between us. Then Nicki showed very great courage. He kicked me in the right leg.

“Certain behaviour off the track with respect to Pedersen is the result of what he does on the track. He has already upset Greg Hancock, who is a very calm man. Everything that happens with Nicki raises strong emotions in people. He causes unnecessary tensions. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to Doyle and Przedpelski because their season could have ended.”


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