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Max Fricke enjoyed the “rock star” experience of heading to Poland by private jet – before coming back down to earth in quarantine.

16 / 05 / 2020, 11:15

Aussie ace Max Fricke admits he enjoyed the “rock star” experience of heading to Poland by private jet – before coming back down to earth with a two-week stay in quarantine.

The Wroclaw star jetted out to the city with team mates Tai Woffinden and Dan Bewley on May 8 to begin a two-week stint in isolation, before PGE Ekstraliga clubs resume training later this month.

Meetings are set to get underway behind closed doors on June 12, with Poland’s top flight the only league confirming any plans to get started so far.

I felt like a bit of a rock star, turning up to the airport and getting on a private jet – I’m not going to lie. It was very cool.

Max Fricke

Fricke may be stuck in an apartment and struggling to pass the time for now. But Fricke endured a much less arduous journey to Poland than many of his rivals.

While many were forced to trek across Europe by ferry or road, Fricke was delighted to jet from East Midlands Airport to Wroclaw in style – courtesy of his travel partner ATPI.

He said: “I felt like a bit of a rock star, turning up to the airport and getting on a private jet – I’m not going to lie. It was very cool.

“Originally when we were thinking about driving out, there were a couple of routes we could have taken. But looking at safety, ease of the trip and things like that, flying was ideal.

“We were going to take the Euro Tunnel and we had it all booked. But I was quite worried about the French border, so we sent their immigration service an email, explaining our situation and what documentation we had with regards to work permits, permissions and things like that.

“But the French border people said ‘you’re not going to get in to France.’ So once we got that information, we started looking at the flight a little more seriously. We were worried that if that was France’s decision, what would the other borders be like?

“Ian Sinderson and ATPI really looked after us. At the very last minute, they were really efficient and got us a private jet fast. They look after Tai, myself and Dan with travel and were able to help us get a flight direct to Wroclaw.

“We were very lucky to have that option available to us when it comes to travel and safety. It was a big plus on our side. We had contact with very few people, we went to a private terminal and we were only there for a couple of minutes. It wasn’t very long before we got on the plane.”

Fricke admits spending extra time with loved ones was a real plus for the Wroclaw trio – rather than enduring a day on the road.

“Getting the ferry across to Holland and then driving across would have been a pretty tough route,” he said.

“At the moment every second we are able to spend with our families counts. We had an extra night with them. I stayed with my girlfriend and Tai was with his family. That makes a big difference and it was nice to spend a last night at home rather than on a ferry.

“It made the trip nice and easy, which is good because we are now sat in quarantine for two weeks. The jet made a cool story as well!”

Fricke paid tribute to Wroclaw for taking care of him while he remains confined to his apartment and trying to keep busy.

He said: “The club in Wroclaw has looked after me. They brought down some training gear and stuff like that. The place looks like an apartment/gym right now. Training is about all I am getting up to.

“Anything we need, we let the club know and they are able to provide it for us. Wroclaw is a really nice city. We have access to services like Uber Eats. We are able to get some food from some restaurants delivered.

“I have a nice little balcony. I can sit in the sun for a couple of hours a day, which is nice. If you have any good suggestions for Netflix, please let me know!

“We are able to do some exercise in our apartments. I’m not sure what other riders are able to do or get up to, but it’s alright.”

Photo: Max Fricke Facebook

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