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Martin Smolinski insists he’s putting all his efforts into being fit for FIM Speedway Grand Prix action as he recovers from hip surgery.

30 / 07 / 2020, 12:14

German ace Martin Smolinski insists he’s putting all his efforts into being fit for FIM Speedway Grand Prix action as he recovers from hip surgery.

The Bavarian is back on a bike two months after suffering a broken and dislocated right hip in a training crash in Leipzig on May 22, which also left him with damage to his peroneal nerve.

The 2014 New Zealand SGP winner admits he still has some way to go to regain full fitness and is set to take part in an intense rehabilitation camp in order to be ready for the SGP series opener in Wroclaw on August 28 and 29.

I'm prioritising the Grand Prix this year. I now have until the end of August to get fit and get ready for the first two GPs.

Martin Smolinski

With the SGP start date very much his target, Smolinski is determined to be ready for his first full SGP series since 2014.

Posting on Facebook, he said: “I'm prioritising the Grand Prix this year. I now have until the end of August to get fit and get ready for the first two GPs.”

With his comeback target in mind, Smolinski has confirmed he won’t be taking part in the GP Challenge in Gorican on August 22, which could open the door for Kai Huckenbeck to represent Germany in his place.

He added: “I would like to give myself the extra time for my recovery and have therefore cancelled my start in the GP challenge early on.

“It was important to me to show my cards early in order to enable the rider who will receive the starting place the best possible preparation for one of the toughest races on the calendar. My priority is to get as fit as possible in the coming weeks to be able to start in the Grand Prix.”

Smolinski has taken part in a couple of practice sessions in Bavaria in recent weeks, but admits there is still plenty of work to do.

He said: “The main issue is I don’t feel race-fit. You all know the level we are racing at in Speedway Grand Prix. At the moment I don’t feel 100 percent fit, so it’s not where I want to be.

“I have some pain. The muscles around the hip are no trouble, but they are still a little bit angry after the heavy crash I had and the heavy operation that followed it.

“The peroneal nerve in the right leg is still not quite there. I was expecting that I wouldn’t need this nerve for racing. But when I sat on the bike, I felt I needed the nerve more than I was personally expecting. I can lift the foot. The main issue with the right leg is that it feels like sometimes it’s there and other times it is not.

“The information I’m getting about the bike through the foot rest is not the best. Sometimes I can feel the bike super nice, but sometimes I have to work very hard with my brain to feel the bike and maybe then on the next lap I don’t feel really comfortable and I don’t feel the bike.

“The test I did was in co-operation with my doctors. We talked about having a test to see where we have issues and what the main problems are. Now we can go to the next step of my rehabilitation to work on the points where I have had the main problems.”

Smolinski is undergoing intense physiotherapy in his battle to recover. He said: “At the moment I have a daily plan. I go to EMS training two times a week – that’s electrical therapy. I’m also doing some electric shock therapy on my leg, and I can do this myself.

“Then I spend three days a week at a fitness studio. For two days a week I see a physiotherapist. I go for a relaxing massage one day a week. Then normally I see an osteopathic physio one day a week. I have a little bit of family time in my free time too, so it’s quite a busy schedule.

“On August 4, I will go away to a rehabilitation farm. I have a good space in a very good place. I’ll go for three weeks and it’s like a fitness camp. That’s about making sure I have the whole package to be fit again.”

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